A Master Bathroom Update


Leaving our beds, the ensuite is often the first room to greet us in the morning. It is also the last place we visit before heading back to our beds.  It needs to function well, with great storage and organization, so it can be kept clean and serene, but, it should also be pretty and put together so that that first/last room we visit each day feels oh so good.

The ensuite renovation I wanted to share with you today wasn’t a space that felt too small or unorganized, it just felt wrong.  It felt like a large space that was wasted with a small corner shower no one wanted to use, a bulky and hard to clean tub set in tile and wood, and the whole ensuite had become quite outdated.  Beyond wanting their Ensuite to be a beautiful gem in their home they wanted a larger shower with a bench seat, a freestanding tub, and frosted windows that allowed privacy and lots of light.


The existing toilet was placed behind the door when you first walked in.  We switched the toilet and the shower locations which allowed us to keep an oversized vanity but also expand the shower.  It also made the end of the ensuite look so open and airy with the beautiful freestanding tub and bright frosted windows.

I hope you enjoy these pictures from before and after.


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