Buying Cabinets for your Kitchen

Choosing to renovate your existing kitchen, or building a new home that needs all new cabinets, can feel like a big undertaking.  It can also cost a lot of money.  And how disappointing it can be when you land up with a kitchen that feels all wrong.  The layout doesn’t function. The appliances aren’t placed right. Everything feels like it is in the wrong spot. Or worst yet, the expensive quartz countertop you purchased from a small sample, gets installed and doesn’t coordinate with the cabinets or backsplash (and you know they won’t let you return it!).


Hiring a designer to help with such an investment as buying kitchen cabinets is crucial.  I say investment because most people spend a lot of time in their kitchens, it is a gathering place in most homes, and best yet, great kitchens add real estate value to your home.  Also, kitchen cabinets and kitchen renovations can cost a pretty penny and your design services to get it right will be small in comparison. Hire a designer for some initial guidance on your kitchen floorplan, or figuring out which wall to remove or change, or for your appliance placement, etc.  And hire them to help you put every single finish together and make sure it coordinates. Have you ever thought about how many finish selections there are to make in a kitchen big or small?  You will have flooring, cabinets (maybe even 2 colors of cabinets), countertop, backsplash, handles and knobs, light fixtures, baseboard moldings…to name a few.  And then think about countertops more specifically.  Will you want laminate countertops, quartz countertops, granite countertops, or another solid surface?  See! It can feel like a big undertaking and you really don’t want to be disappointed after making all those decisions.

Christina Interiors offers Cabinet Designs in the Whitecourt, Edson, Mayerthorpe, Fox Creek, Swan Hills and Barrhead area.

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